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Gun Seller
2009-09-19, 2:36 PM
this mod creates a van in the other side of ganton with a gsf in it you can buy guns from him full info in the readme.

V0.5: Started the mod and was very buggy.
V0.6: Improved the Script, Added Others Section, Rebalanced the Prices.
V0.7: Added so many guns, Marked on radar so itll be found easier.
V0.8: Fixed Freeze Bug that dosen't allow cj to walk when you exit the menu, Added more text, Added more melee
Now you can buy weapons without exiting the menu - you'll return to the menu you were.
V0.9: Fixed text lines in .fxt file, Models are now destroyed (no waste of game memory), the van is now godmoded and locked, minor text issues fixed.
V1.0: Added Heavy Guns, Try to add SF but resolt a bug so i didn't LV coming soon i hope.
V1.1: Added More Weapons, Removed some old text lines, Added money cost in the menu, Fixed some incorrected stuff.
V1.2: added gtafanfreakx script wich adds ton of new stuff, fixed his script ;) (too much bugs where on this), fixed more text issues.
V1.2.5: fixed folowing errors reported by thekokss: marker will NOT show up now, you can now leave without getting stuck.
V1.3: Added Mobile GS
Have Fun
Category: Mods & Extras | Added by: MaTan
Views: 669 | Downloads: 11 | Comments: 1 | Rating: 4.2/4
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